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Initial Visit: 75 Min. 

Follow-up: 60 Min.

Detailed intake, diagnosis + full length acupuncture treatment.


May include cupping, gua sha, and/or herbal or nutritional recommendations, tailored to your individual needs.

 Used for:

  • migrainesheadaches or fatigue

  • digestive conditions

  • chronic illness

  • immune support, allergies, skin conditions

  • sleep issues, anxiety, depression

  • pain, injury or surgery recovery

  • fertility + gynecological concerns

Branch in a Glass Jar


40-45 Min. Treatments

Covered under acupuncture benefits


After a brief intake, cups are applied to the body to create suction, enabling various healing effects.

I use both traditional TCM fire cupping with glass cups, as well as plastic suction and silicone sliding cups.

Used for:

  • muscle tension + pain

  • lymphatic circulation

  • cardiovascular circulation

  • systemic inflammation

  • aiding the body's natural detox processes

  • alternative treatment to acupuncture if you're not ready to try needles

  • can treat many issues that acu can treat - though it is a more general approach

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Video Consult

Free Meet + Greet: 15 Min.


An opportunity to meet me and ask all your questions about acupuncture, Chinese medicine, or nutritional therapy.


Scared of needles or unsure if acupuncture is the right therapy for you? We can discuss your goals, concerns, and treatment options before you commit to a full booking.